Prospective Students

As members of the Cardiovascular Dynamics Group (CDG) we are interested in utilizing mathematical concepts to better understand the pathogenesis, treatment, and outcomes of a variety of diseases. We use ordinary differential equation modeling, partial differential equation modeling, uncertainty quantification, data analysis, signal processing, etc. to study human health. Currently, we have open projects on autonomic dysfunction, fontan circulation, inflammation, and pulmonary hypertension. If you are interested in working with us, please email

A student interested in working with CDG would benefit from the following courses (note that they are not a requirement to work with this group!):

Undergraduate Courses

  • MA 341: Differential Equations
  • MA 432: Mathematical Models in Life and Social Sciences
  • BME 302: Human Physiology: Mechanical Analysis

Graduate Courses

  • MA 540: Uncertainty Quantification for Physical and Biological Models
  • MA 573/4: Mathematical Modeling of Physical and Biological Processes
  • MA 580: Numerical Analysis
  • MA 591: Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
  • BMA 771: Biomathematics I
  • BMA 774: Partial Differential Equations Modeling in Biology