Supplemental Material


Most code and presentations can be found on our Github account.


Local Sensitivity Analysis
This presentation includes various methods for a local analysis to determine the sensitivity of a mathematical model to variations in the parameter values.


SIR Code
This software contains code for a general SIR model, a sensitivity analysis of the parameters using a finite difference Jacobian, various optimization techniques (fminsearch, Levenberg-Marquardt, nlinfit), prediction and confidence intervals, and delayed rejection adaptive metropolis (DRAM).

1D Code
This software contains code for a 1D model of pulse wave propagation in an elastic vessel. The code solves a hyperbolic system of PDEs to simulate pressure, flow and vessels cross-sectional area along the length of the vessel. A ReadMe.txt file is included for a description of files inside the zip folder.


Syncope Data
Repository with Heart rate and Blood pressure syncope data from control subjects and patients with Cardioinhibition, Vasodepression, POTS, and Mixed syncope.